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5 Yoga Retreats We’re Dying to Go On

5 Yoga Retreats We’re Dying to Go On

A yoga retreat is the perfect trip to get you away from home and immerse into an environment built for wellness. Retreats are the mindful way to vacation- a vacation with a purpose where you know you will leave better than when you came. Here are five retreats by top Manduka Studios and Ambassadors- all of us here at HQ are trying to figure out how to make these a team trip!

Eat, Sleep, Move, Meditate with Cher Meli

September 14 – 21, 2019 | Tuscany Italy

Live your dream life for a week in Tuscany: daily meditation, philosophical conversation, yoga + movement, and even private astrological coaching. Manduka Ambassador Cher Meli knows the best way to travel Italy, so you’ll have plenty of time to explore, drink wine, and enjoy the most vibrant food Tuscany has to offer.

Puerto Vallarta Yoga Adventure

August 16-August 21, 2019 | Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Straight from the One Down Dog team: “Do you need a break? Join us for a magical luxurious escape from the daily grind. WE’RE GOING TO MEXICO!! Puerto Vallarta, to be exact. We can’t wait to unwind while we hang by the pool, eat delicious food and get down with daily yoga and meditation together. Renew, refresh and rejuvenate while experiencing the beauty of Mexico!”

Miraval Austin Yoga Retreat

October 17-20, 2019 | Austin, TX

Miraval is a mindfulness-based resort and spa with several locations - this retreat is just outside of Austin, a beautiful spa with everything you could need in one place. There are farms on site, including a bee farm where you can do a honey workshop! This is perfect if you’re in the Central or Southern states and need a weekend to reset. Manduka Ambassador Bridgett Piacenti will of course lead you in lots of yoga practice- DM her on Instagram @bpiacenti to reserve. It’s not live yet so we are giving you a sneak peek!

Yoga and the Art of Being You

September 12th-15th, 2019 | Boone, NC

If you’re in the South or East Coast and looking for a quick getaway, look no further. Hidden away in the Blue Ridge Mountains, you’ll awaken and reconnect with yourself through yoga, meditation, breathwork, self-inquiry, and connection to nature.

Retreat to Portugal’s Wild Coast with Ember

June 15th – 21st 2020 | South Teotonio Portugal

If you need a deep nature immersion to escape stress in our digital working world, get completely immersed in the wild coast of Portugal. This retreat is all about peace and soul nourishment through nature, yoga, farm to table meals, surfing, and introspection.

Meet the Manduka Global Ambassadors

Meet the Manduka Global Ambassadors