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Why a Yoga Date is the Best Kind of Date

Why a Yoga Date is the Best Kind of Date

By Manduka Ambassador Kat Villain

Yoga is a personal journey that offers a multitude of mental and physical benefits. But, also, an amazing way to bond with others! If yoga was just for the individual, there wouldn’t be so many public classes each day in countless cities worldwide.

Just like we bond over our daily coffee or tea, there are many reasons to use the yoga practice to strengthen bonds with friends. It's so much easier to start something new when you have someone to do it with. If you or your friend have never stepped foot into a yoga studio, it might seem daunting: where to go, what to wear, what will others think? 

Here's Why a Yoga Date is the Best Kind of Date


When you make a date with a friend, you're now accountable to them to show up. It can be easy for us to let other things take precedent over our practice. We're living in a demanding world and the priorities of everyday life sometime mean that our health takes a back seat. When you tell a friend you're going to show up, you show up.

Deepens Your Connection

By taking the time to take care of yourself and listen to what your body needs, you become a better friend. This practice is individual, with a focus upon the self, which then allows us to better navigate through the world. By engaging in a practice that cultivate your physical and mental health, you end up cultivating inner joy and happiness without external gratification. This is an incredibly powerful practice that allows you to become more patient and loving to those around you.

Friends that Play Together, Stay Together

This stands to be true in any relationship. Common ground is a relationship strengthener. When we become humble enough to share not only our laughter and our joy, but also our vulnerabilities and fears, we allow ourselves to experience every aspect of a relationship. The yoga practice heightens all of this. 


Being a human can be challenging. It's meant to be. The hard work is the lasting work, and when we can find a group of people that are moving towards a collective goal, our tribal roots become strengthened. Humans are social creatures and in a society that prizes the individual at all costs, we need to actively search for our tribe. Having a friend at yoga allows us to bridge that gap into a new community.

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