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Take Only What You Need: A Yogi's Guide to Festival Packing

Take Only What You Need: A Yogi's Guide to Festival Packing

Lauren Matters and Daniel Scott are a traveling yogi power couple who pack light and show up ready to rock at festivals, conferences and events around the world. So…who better to share a few tips on how to pack like a yoga rockstar? 



1. Yoga Mat

“The eKO Superlite acts as a great base layer for any yogitoes yoga towel that suits your mood. Make sure to avoid all black, unless you like practicing on a searing hot surface.”

Why choose portability over comfort when you can have both? By combining one of those super thin travel mats with a comfy sweat towel, you've got all of your bases covered: a practice palace, picnic blanket, sun shade, tent liner and warm shawl. 


2. Snacks

“A well-timed snack can mean the difference between making friends and losing them.”

Do you get hangry? We do, constantly and without fail, while expending vast amounts of energy during adventure time. Make sure you have snacks on hand.


3. Water Bottle

This should come as no surprise: You need to drink water in order to survive(!) One can easily expect bright sun, increased altitude, dry climates, excessive sweat and lots of extra curricular activities whist enjoying summer festivals. Why not hydrate in style? 


4. Elemental Protection (AKA Sunscreen)

‘Nough said.


5. Clothing

Before you pack the flower crown or unicorn mask, pack a couple extra pairs of fresh underwear, a bathing suit, yoga gear and a long-sleeve something for extra sun protection during the day/extra layer at night (leg warmers work on arms, too).  


6. Lightning Round

Cash, credit cards, driver's license, passport (if leaving the country), medications, sunglasses, toothbrush, and anything else you use on a regular basis.


What did we forget?

Leave a comment and SHARE with your festival friends - let's create a master list for fun adventures!

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