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Meet the Artists: The ladies (and gent) behind our eQua Hot Yoga Mat Collection

Meet the Artists: The ladies (and gent) behind our eQua Hot Yoga Mat Collection

When it came time to design our first hot yoga mat, we found inspiration many places. For starters, YOU (and all your glorious sweat) reminded us that performance must always be paramount to the design process….so we fused a super-soft microfiber eQua Towel onto a natural rubber eKO Mat foundation. Kinda genius (if we do say so ourselves)…

But function must also be complemented by fashion – or, in the case of our eQua Mat collection, inspired by the gorgeous artwork of some of our most talented friends.

Meet Ashley Mary, Emily Quandahl and Brent Broza, the incredible artists who lent their time and talents to this season’s limited-edition eQua mat collection. We sat down with the trio to pick their brains on color, movement and how giving back is always in style.


Q. Where did you find inspiration for your design?

Emily: The movement of water plays a large role in all of my work - the way it carries the color and settles in a unique pattern each time. I try to let go and allow the paint to do what it wants.

Brent: The artist Mark Rothko. I love the way he uses landscape and color field style of painting. 

Ashley: Color! I knew I wanted this piece to speak to a natural environment so leaned on my blues and greens.


Q: Which parallels do you see between art and yoga? 

Brent: Constant learning of both crafts, and being able to apply oneself to different styles. And using both of them as a creative forms of relaxation.

Ashley: Both are about exercising and expressing your spirit. It's a stretching of heart, mind and soul. My process is fluid, inspired, playful and exploratory - and I see that same spirit come out when I'm practicing yoga. 

Emily: I channel the fluidity of my art throughout my yoga practice. Not forcing a pose to happen, but letting my breath act as the water does in my work - carrying me through a unique practice each time.


Q: Yoga is about giving to yourself so that you can then give to others. How do you express that in your own life?

Emily: A few years ago, I founded Cantik Collective, a platform for artists to connect and gain exposure. It's important for me to recognize that the base of a supportive creative community is camaraderie, so I make it a priority to shine the light on others. 

Ashley: I love any opportunity I can get to teach. Recently, I was able to have a class of little kiddos come to my studio to make a beautiful mess with me. It was fantastic! 

Brent: Jimmy Miller was one of my best friends who passed away in 2004. The Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation currently serves Marines of the Wounded Warrior Battalions at Camp Pendleton and 29 Palms with unique, year-round Ocean Therapy sessions held on base at Camp Pendleton. I’m on the board of the directors, helping to raise money by hosting art events and donating art to their fundraisers.

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